Perl White Magic: Special Variables and Command Line Switches

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Special Variables and Command Line Switches.

Keywords: Special Variables, Command Line Switches, Scripting
Stream: Perl
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José Castro

Team Leader, Applicational Development, log
Lisbon, Portugal

cog (who also goes by the secret name of José Castro) is a development team leader in Lisbon, Portugal. He is the leader of the Lisbon Perl Mongers and about to become the president of the APPP (think of it as the Portuguese Perl Foundation) as soon as the paperwork is done. Over 20 modules on CPAN, cog also shows activity on Perlmonks, use.Perl, IRC and a few outer galaxies, according to the latest reports. He is writing a book on Obfuscation, Golfing and Secret Operators in Perl. The doctors say there's no hope.

Ref: OS6P0065