use feature: An overview of new language constructs in Perl 5.10

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The Perl 6 project resulted in a long study of Perl's syntax and usage, and resulted in a number of significant language improvements. A number of these improvements have been integrated into Perl release 5.10, but they present the challenge of how does one introduce new keywords and constructs without conflicting with existing application code.

In this talk we will examine some of the features integrated into Perl 5.10, and the advantage they provide to both new and existing programs.

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Paul Fenwick

Managing Director, Perl Training Australia

Paul Fenwick has more than a decade of commercial experience programming Perl, and over nine years experience in teaching Computer Science. He is the managing director of Perl Training Australia, and the founder of

In his spare time Paul enjoys cycling, SCUBA diving, looking after his chickens, and researching wild edible plants.

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