Nothing can possibly go wrong

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Everybody makes mistakes. Most of the time they can be fixed.

But as you gain more experience and your projects get larger you enter the dangerous and exotic world of large-scale design, with mistakes so seductive you won’t notice until years after you make them, and so dangerous you often can’t risk fixing them even once you do.

This talk will cover the some of the worst and most common design mistakes based on knowledge from the worlds of enginerring, psychology and economics, and take you on a tour of some the biggest disasters in the Perl world and the real world (including mine).

Keywords: Theory, Software Design, Perl, Technology, Engineering, Psychology, Economics, Evolution
Stream: Perl
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Adam Kennedy

Director, Phase N Australia

Adam Kennedy is one of Perl's "beautiful people". Brilliant and stunningly handsome, yet still modest, he particularly enjoys being asked to write his own bio for conferences like this one.

Adam plays a central role in the development of CPAN. He is a CPAN administrator, the release manager for Module::Install, and the author or maintainer of around 120 CPAN modules.

He also dabbles in other area of Perl, as the creator of, the co-creator of the "Strawberry Perl" Win32 Perl distribution, and many many other smaller projects.

Ref: OS6P0030