Working with PHP and Oracle

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The combination of PHP and Oracle is becoming increasingly popular in web applications. This talk will cover the latest features in the Oracle PHP OCI8 driver, connection options, tuning queries, and performance options. You'll learn where to get the latest driver, installation options, tips and techniques. There will also be a list of resources for getting help and resources for working with PHP and Oracle.

Keywords: PHP, Oracle, Databases
Stream: PHP
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Working with PHP and Oracle

Alison Holloway

Product Manager, Australian Product Development Centre, Oracle Corporation
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alison Holloway has been a product manager at Oracle Corporation for many years, and has been at Oracle for over 12 years. Alison has worked on a number of Oracle's products and has recently started working with the PHP and open source community to better help the open source community work with Oracle. Alison has written a number of technical articles, technical references, and most recently, co-authored a book on working with PHP and Oracle.

Ref: OS6P0024