A Rails/Django Comparison

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Ben is a Rails programmer. Alan is Django programmer. Working from the same spec, Ben and Alan have each implemented a ten-page web application. During this presentation, they will compare and contrast the two implementations, code-for-code, as they explore each framework’s design and features.

Ruby on Rails ("Rails") is the dominant web programming framework for Ruby and, even outside the Ruby community, is considered the epitome of the latest generation of high-productivity, open-source web development tools.

Django is one of many competing web development framework for Python. It is notable, first for being highly regarded amongst Python programmers, despite only being released in mid-2005, and second, for being one of the few of the new generation of frameworks that does not ape Ruby on Rails.

Both Rails and Django claim greatly enhanced productivity, compared with more traditional web development frameworks.

The presentation will begin with a five minute overview of each framework, then move in to an A-B comparison of the code for the two implementations. At each point in the comparison, the two frameworks will be rated for their suitability for building a typical, mid-size enterprise app, and, at the end of the presentation, a “winner” will be selected.

Note: Ben Askins and Alan Green will be co-presenting this paper. We aim to be accurate, informative and entertaining.

Keywords: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rails, Python, Django, Shootout, Comparison, Web development, Web frameworks
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Paper: Rails/Django Comparison, A

Alan Green

Cirrus Technologies

Alan works for Cirrus Technologies Pty Ltd, where he builds Java software for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. He develops in Java and makes use of Open Source libraries whereever possible. Alan has been coding Python since 2000, occasionally even being paid to do so. If accepted, this will be Alan's third OSDC presentation.

Ben Askins

Sterland Computing

Ben has been employed as a software developer since leaving school in 1989. He's currently working for Sterland Computing on the Central Coast of NSW where he develops ERP software for the building supplies industry using Progress Software's 4GL. Ben is also a director of a startup company developing family focused web-based software using Ruby on Rails. This is Ben's first foray into using an open source development framework and so far he's loving it.

Ref: OS6P0017