The schedule may be subject to change at a later date.

Wednesday, 06 December
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:00 Conference Open (30 minutes)
Welcome and introduction.
9:30 Opening Keynote (60 minutes)
Randal Schwartz - "Free software - A look back, a look ahead"
10:30 What's New In Python: 2006 Edition
Baxter, Anthony
Perl White Magic: Special Variables and Command Line Switches
Castro, José
Working with PHP and Oracle
Holloway, Alison
11:00 Morning Tea (20 minutes)
11:20 A Rails/Django Comparison
Green, Alan, Askins, Ben
Obfuscation, Golfing and Secret Operators in Perl
Castro, José
Implementation of Queuing Disciplines on Linux made Easy
Braithwaite, Stephen
12:20 Ctypes. ctypes run!
Holkner, Alex
Moose - it's the new Camel!
Vilain, Sam
Enterprise PHP
Rinne, Thorsten
12:50 What's Old Is New Again
Jones, Richard
use feature: An overview of new language constructs in Perl 5.10
Fenwick, Paul
Conferences For Beginners
Richardson, Jacinta
13:20 Lunch (50 minutes)
14:10 RESTful Software Development and Maintenance
Hyland-Wood, David
Nothing can possibly go wrong
Kennedy, Adam
Testing Performance Mail Relay
Coker, Russell
15:10 Web Application Security - Tools, Techniques, Tips and Tricks
Burgess, Chris
Wile Coyote's Toolbox: The Acme Namespace - 30 minutes, 90 modules
Castro, José
Data Warehousing HOWTO
Leybourn, Evan
15:40 Afternoon Tea (20 minutes)
16:00 APhPLIX, Traditional GUI in Web Applications: "GUI Classique en Applications Web"
Herbohn, Flame, Prescott, Dani
Python in Mozilla
Hammond, Mark
Publishing a Perl-based app to SourceForge and CPAN
Eriksen, Leif
16:30 Object Pascal on linux isn't dead.
King, Jason
The Planet Feed Reader: Better Living Through Gravity
Gardiner, Mary
Open Source Glue: Using Open Source to Glue Proprietary Systems to Business Needs
Felsche, Mr Bernd
17:00 Birds of a Feather (BOF) (60 minutes)
This time is allocated for BOF sessions.
18:00 Conference Dinner (60 minutes)
At the dinner Damian Conway will present "The Da Vinci Codebase"
Thursday, 07 December
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:00 Morning Keynote (60 minutes)
Richard Farnsworth - "Open Source Synchrotron"
10:00 J2EE and Open Source Innovation: The Relationship between Open Source and Standards
Pitty, Keith
Doing stupid things with XSLT
Pickett, Deborah
A Database Money Can't Buy
Pierce, Howard
10:30 Morning Tea (30 minutes)
11:00 Testing non-perl apps with TAP
Eriksen, Leif
Shiny, Pretty Things
Jones, Richard
PHP 5 and IBM DB2
Rinne, Thorsten
12:00 The Database - slave or master? Tangram and DBIx::Class
Vilain, Sam
Development of Mono Applications with Agile Languages
Rees, Mark
Apache Configuration Primer
Oxer, Jonathan
12:30 Retooling the World Wide Web for Its Original Purpose: Modernising the Web for University Research
Diment, Kieren
MontyLingua (and ConceptNet) to simplify natural text processing tasks
Ling, Maurice
Open Source on the Scientific Bleeding Edge
Sunter, Patrick
13:00 Lunch (60 minutes)
14:00 Square pegs and round holes: A reflection on Class::DBI
Edmonds, Stephen
Automatic Text Generation and Weather Forecasting
Leeuwenburg, Tennessee
System Administration Skills for Developers
Crompton, Geoff
14:30 Lightning Talks (60 minutes)
10 5-minute talk slots (5 minutes intro and set up)
15:30 Afternoon Tea (30 minutes)
16:00 Mono - Migrating from Windows to Linux
Mifsud, Dr. Trent
Accessing Relational Databases with Python
Todd, Andy
Team Monash: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
Carpenter, Hamish
16:30 Afternoon Keynote (60 minutes)
Anthony Baxter - futurepython
Friday, 08 December
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:00 Morning Keynote (60 minutes)
Scott Penrose - Zaltana
10:00 An Uppity Phone System: New opportunities from VoIP and OSS telephony
Goodwin, Julien
Building Audio Applications With GStreamer
Baxter, Anthony
The Pillars of FOSS: Looking at the whole FOSS picture
Waugh, Pia
10:30 Morning Tea (30 minutes)
11:00 The Portable Image Testing Architecture: Rediculously Large Scale Testing
Kennedy, Adam
Building With a Version Control Audit Trail
Clews, Alec
Understanding Greediness: Improve Your Understanding of Reg-exes
Richardson, Jacinta
11:30 Programs are Just Words: Designing Domain Specific Languages in Ruby
Byrne, Mr. Myles
Architecture with Archetypes: The seafelt Reporting Framework for Zope/Plone
Warren, Justin
12:00 Making Printed and Online Reports Look Great With JasperReports
Raik-Allen, Simon
Human Interfaces for Geeks
Fenwick, Paul
Career Development for Developer Geeks
de Castro Lopo, Erik
12:30 Managing Distributed Version Control
Pool, Martin, Collins, Robert
Usability, user-centered design (UCD) and FOSS
Rippon, Scott
The DigitalFriend: the First End-User Oriented Multi-Agent System
Goschnick, Steve
13:00 Lunch (60 minutes)
14:00 Coding in a Distributed Team: Testing, Reviewing, Sharing and Merging Code Without Going Crazy
Bennetts, Mr. Andrew
ODF: Our Document Future: OpenDocument Format and Digital Preservation
Benjamin, Donna
Better Software Through Test Coverage: A Practical Guide To Making Your Test Suite Suck Less
Banks, Greg
14:30 Lightning Talks (60 minutes)
12 5-minute talk slots
15:30 Afternoon Tea (30 minutes)
16:00 Conference Close (60 minutes)